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Public Courses Offered by Sales Concepts

Compelling Presentations

Deliver Compelling Presentations, Not Just Informative Ones Improve the attendee’s ability to deliver compelling, results-oriented presentations that create action and exceed client expectations by being alert, flexible and proactive before, during and after their presentations.

Two Days: $2,590 / $2,250 prepaid
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Contact: The Next Few Minutes

Work With Customers Via the Telephone. Help participants build and maintain positive working relationships with customers over the telephone and electronic communications. Increase sales and customer satisfaction. Differentiate yourself and your company.

Two Days: $1,580 / $1,390 prepaid
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Financial Justification

Establish A Financial Advantage and Sell At The Executive Level. Enable attendees to financially justify, develop, and present a sound business case by demonstrating and quantifying the value of their products, services, and solutions to their prospects and customers.

Two Days: $2,590 / $2,250 prepaid Click here to register.
Develop a consistent and quantifiable method for your create accurate forecasts; not subjective ones, in an interactive workshop oriented enviornment.
Half Day: $925 / $795 prepaid
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Inspire attendees to reach their maximum leadership potential in both business and personal endeavors as they learn to master the six levels of leadership.
Two Days: $2,590 / $2,250 prepaid Click here to register.
Persuasive Sales
Attendees work to set themselves apart from their competition, explore the sales process and improve their abilities to win more business. Help them realize that everything in the sales process is a part of closing.
3 Days: $2,590 / $2,250 prepaid Click here to register.
Create a new mindset for appointment prospecting. Develop unique sales-value statements, set goals and secure more appointments.
1 Day: $1,260 / $1,130 Prepaid Click here to register.
Selling In The Digital Age
Effectively use the power of the Internet to find prospects with social networks, search engines, directories, blogs and twitter. Locate and develop prospects into customers using the vast resources of the Internet. Interact with and retain current customers. Build and foster ongoing customer relationships.
2 Days: $2,590 / $2,250 prepaid Click here to register.
Sellling Service Contracts
Increase the ability of attendees to meet their clients’ expectations and sell service contracts. Fix the customer as well as the equipment.
2 Days: $1,680 / $1,530 Prepaid Click here to register.
Smart Managing
Improve the skills of sales managers in Hiring, Coaching, and Performance Appraisal.
2 1/2 Days: $2,590 / $2,250 Prepaid Click here to register.
Trade Show Selling
Develop both a strategy and a tactical approach to maximize the impact and return of a trade show. We also provide methods for making quick and meaningful connections. This course provides tools attendees can use to convert prospects into customers.
1 Day: $1,260 / $1,130 Prepaid Click here to register.
Value-Added Negotiating
The how-to’s of negotiating are presented. Methods used by professional buyers and sellers are examined, tested, and countered. Attendees are given usable financial approaches and cost justification techniques to counter price objections by selling value.
2 Days: $2,590 / $2,250 prepaid Click here to register.
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