Train The Trainer

Your Team… Our Courses

Sales Concepts Train-The-Trainer (T3) Programs are flexible and designed to seamlessly integrate with your current training programs.


From conception to design to implementation, we walk you through the entire train-the-trainer certification process.


Step 1

Sales Concepts design team creates a custom program including leader’s guides, attendee manuals, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and any other required materials.

Step 2

Your company designates trainers to deliver the program and selects a pilot group.

Step 3

Sales Concepts delivers the program to your pilot group. The trainers participate in the program as attendees. Following the course, we make any needed changes to the program and materials. Counseling and feedback is available for your trainers from Sales Concepts instructors.

Step 4

We provide your trainers with leader’s guides and master copies of all materials. Sales Concepts delivers the program with the assistance of your trainers. The trainers facilitate all workshops, exercises and provide attendee feedback. We videotape the program for future reference by your training team.

Step 5

Your trainers deliver the program. Sales Concepts provides the materials needed for each attendee. We can also provide a consultant on an as-needed basis to assist with the delivery of the program.

For More Information

Our Train-The-Trainer process can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. Please contact us for more information.