Customer Feedback

Our sales force dropped their discount rate from 47 to 46 percent resulting in a $553,000 profit which was a 3 cents per share improvement. They also improved deals depending on range: $0-100K total deals dropped from 130 to109 and discounting dropped from 45% to 35%.
$100K-500K totals increased and discounts dropped from 38 to 35%
We were able to counter negotiating tactics and hold our ground which in turn kept terms in line, pushed deals forward and gave us a heads up on tactics, which help us maintain our margin down the line.
You provided practical information in a very non-threatening environment. I really like the taped role-playing so that I could see how I performed in a sales environment.
Followed the sales process as it would have been with a true prospect. Class size was great!
Pointed out great options Evaluated each person’s positive and negative points Spent time on each person’s needs and questions Kept the class awake and interested

You played our customers to a “T” All feedback was positive, even if it was a criticism, it was done in a positive way. You learned about our specific roles and we were able to practice real-scenarios. I felt the feedback we received was therefore very relevant and immediately understood by us. (Sometimes it’s tough visualizing applying the skills to your own job when you are practicing by selling a tractor.)

Very informative, information I can actually use. I liked that you used my business in examples.

Keeping the class small, allowed for better and more productive interaction. It brought a certain comfort level. The high level of individual instructor to student interaction was great. The different instructor types were good to see. Previous classes I have attended had a single instructor. That person had to be more of an entertainer to keep us involved and information was lost.

Curriculum is right on. You play on your experience in sales very well.

Lots of real-life scenarios drove home major points that made the material crystal clear. Strong course, the least boring of any courses I have taken. Holds your interest, resulting in fewer days dreaming more retention.

I enjoyed the class. I was a bit skeptical at first not knowing what was in store for me. The program went through a lot of examples that were relevant to all people in sales. I am glad I went and would recommend the program to others.

The class was definitely beneficial. I only wish I had it before I hit the road. I feel the class was well structured and the fact you had to actually compete for The Order made it real interesting.

I thought the class was very beneficial to me. It was a nice environment with the small group that was involved. The instructors were very fun and enthusiastic. I would recommend this to other people. I liked the idea that at the end of the three days there was The Order.

Information and presentation were excellent. Material was realistic in terms of practical application. People styles was of particular benefit to me. Also felt the videotaping and review of tapes may be your strongest selling point. There is no better teacher than watching yourself.