Experiential Training

What is Experiential Training?

Sales Concepts one-to-one approach to training means that our programs are tailored for the individual, not just the industry or company. 1:1 Experiential Training makes each Sales Concepts program unique. Our attendees feel the class is created just for them. These customized programs lead to measurably improved performance.

1:1 Experiential Training means we provide one instructor for every four attendees. Each attendee receives hands-on attention. Every seat in our class is a front row seat. 1:1 means individual feedback. The atmosphere created encourages hard work. Each attendee discovers and practices opportunities for improvement.

1:1 Experiential Training is based on the concepts that people change behavior only when it is their idea. Our training causes attendees to want to change their behavior. After all, training must positively change behavior to have value.

1:1 Experiential Training Incorporates Five Principles
  1. There is no such thing as “The Right Way”
  2. Practice is essential to change behavior. People learn by doing.
  3. Training principles are tailored for your business.
  4. Trainers should be active in the marketplace.
  5. Each course should be interactive, competitive, and FUN!

Experiential Training is simple. It works because attendees believe the training is created just for them. They return from our programs with a commitment to improve and with the knowledge of how to do it. They will thank you for the opportunity to attend the course.

There is no right way.

We urge attendees to find a better way. Training is not about forcing people into a predetermined mold. People are hired for their unique abilities. They do not lose these assets in our classes. They acquire and develop new skills to help them:

  • Set themselves apart from their competition
  • Service existing accounts.
  • Win more orders.
Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice improves sales, service, and management performance. While in the class, attendees live a scenario developed for them by their managers and Sales Concepts. Our classes feature multiple sessions where our instructors realistically portray prospects, customers, or employees of the attendees. With individual feedback from the instructor and self-discovery, attendees implement multiple methods for improvement.

Real World… Your World

Sales Concepts customizes every course for every individual. The principles shared could be learned generically; however, when your attendee sells your product or service in our program , the training becomes measurably more effective. These principles can be applied immediately. No one leaves saying, “Yes, but in our business…”

We Do… And Teach

The old saying about doing or teaching is viewed differently at Sales Concepts. Our instructors have a proven record of success in sales, service, and management. They are still doing it. With a collective background in a multitude of industries, they relate to attendees from today’s perspective.

It’s Not a Lecture Hall

Each attendee is a participant. Each is involved throughout the process. Each is challenged to win. Selling is competitive. With a class built on reality, there has to be an element of competition. A simple plaque becomes a prize to be sought, and we have fun while we’re doing it!

Contact us today to develop a 1:1 Experiential Training program for your team.