Successful Telephone Interactions


Intentionally Surpass Customer Expectations

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  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with customers
  • Increase awareness of how to meet customer expectations
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
Course Synopsis

This customized program begins with an eleven-minute video about the different Customer Buying Styles. Attendees learn to identify and meet customer expectations, helping to generate more business and deliver better service.

Customers have different expectations. If they are treated the same, opportunities to move the process forward are being missed. This easy to use method introduced in the video teaches time-proven skills for recognizing these expectations and building positive relationships.

After the video has been viewed, participants make or receive four telephone calls relating to their products and services. Sales Concepts instructors portray their customers as defined and structured by the participant’s managers. Feedback is given upon completion of each call. Improvements are noted after each call.

Participants gain a better understanding of themselves and how to work with other people in varying situations, as well as how relationships affect the perception of value.

Participant Profile
Customer Service, inside sales, sales and service administrators, support people, and anyone who is in contact with customers via the telephone.
Topics Covered
Relate with Customers
See the customer as an individual.
Components of a Successful Call
Make a good first impression.
Asking Questions 
Gain valuable information.
Have a Goal
Purpose brings progress.
Be Different
Set yourself apart.
Unleash the Full Potential of Voice Mail, Email
Increase response rate.
Overcome Resistance
Address the real objections.
The Process is Simple
Step 1
The participant’s manager completes a questionnaire which enables Sales Concepts to tailor a realistic and challenging telephone scenario.
Step 2
Participants view an eleven-minute video entitled Customer Buying Styles. This video teaches a time-proven method for meeting customer needs and expectations. When ready, participants call Sales Concepts to advise the video has been viewed.
Step 3
Participants make or receive a customized call from a Sales Concepts Instructor based on the tailored scenario designed by the participant’s manager.
Step 4
Feedback is provided upon completion of the first call. Recommendations are discussed as to how to be effective using the telephone.
Step 5
The instructor makes a second call giving participants the opportunity to make changes based on the feedback. The instructor again provides feedback.
Step 6
A second Sales Concepts instructor calls the participant to repeat the business scenario that was created. A different Customer Buying Style is depicted. Again personalized feedback is provided.
Step 7
The second instructor makes another call giving each person the opportunity to make changes based on the feedback. The instructor again provides feedback on the second call.
Step 8
The Sales Concepts instructor gives feedback with recommendations to the manager to help ensure the participant is effective via the telephone and aware of different Customer Buying Styles.

Advantages of This Program
  • Tailored training at your work location.
  • Practice using solutions presented via the telephone.
  • Receive feedback from two Sales Concepts instructors.
  • Manager of the participant also receives feedback.
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