Are you curious?

Curiosity is quite possibly the number one trait one must possess to be successful at selling. We have recently interviewed approximately 200 people who applied for an inside sales position with our company and have so far only hired one. We are truly disappointed in the candidates. All seem to believe selling is a telling business.

On the phone or in person the candidates talk and talk about their qualifications in glowing terms. Few, if any, ask thoughtful questions. Sometimes we even ask them to sell us something, most tell us about the item, but few ask what we intend to do with it.

Salespeople must be curious. This is a necessary trait for success in sales. How can you help a prospect become a customer if you don’t understand their needs and expectations? In our training, we emphasize asking open-ended questions that can’t be answered with a single word or sentence. We believe when trying to help someone purchase your products and services you need to ask thoughtful and insightful questions. If you don’t know exactly what a prospect wants or needs, ask! Ask more than one way to ensure you fully understand. Your questions should reveal your prospect’s story.

Only after you fully understand their situation can you help them paint a visual mental picture of your solution benefiting them. You’ll have a much better chance of winning business if your prospects visualize themselves using your solution, and like what they see. Questions help you paint the picture. Questions come from curiosity. Curiosity comes from truly caring about your customers and what they are trying to do. Selling is tough.

Selling when you aren’t curious is nearly impossible.

To be successful in sales be curious and paint mental word pictures. You’ll close more business.

Selling is not telling, so stop telling!
Be curious, ask questions. Win more business!

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