Buyers are evolving. Has your sales process?

Sales TalkDespite what experts sometimes say, cold-calling or prospecting, is not dead. Despite the changes brought about by advancing technology, social media, and the Internet, generating new business still requires a pro-active approach. Technology and social media should be used in addition to prospecting, not in place of it.

Consider these three key components when prospecting:

  1. Set appointments with yourself.

    If you wait for a convenient time, you’ll never find it. Make an appointment to prospect, just like a sales call or a doctor appointment. Hold yourself accountable, make sure you keep the appointment!

  2. Leave Voice Mails

    Think of voice mails as advertisements. Studies show people engage with you after the fifth call; most salespeople give up after the third. Stay with it; if you set out to chop down a tree it will take more than two or three swings. Prospecting is similar. If you hit a tree once and leave it alone, it will heal. If you call a prospect once or twice and leave them alone, they will forget you.

  3. Stay Focused and Organized.

    It is critical to track your steps. If you found a gold mine and left to go get tools, you’d surely keep careful records of where the mine was found. Whatever type of CRM system you use, make certain you don’t lose track of what you are doing as well as how and when you need to follow up!

Sales Concepts prides itself on providing training that is process-driven, not event-driven. To that end, we’ve partnered with SalesTalk! SalesTalk provides cloud-based platforms that can be used alone or elegantly complement your current CRM system. SalesTalk helps salespeople automate the prospecting process and simplify the information they gather and use.

They also offer Lead Intelligence, Virtual Playbooks, Automated Sales Tasks and much more. Using Sales Concepts and SalesTalk helps your team increase sales to new customers and sell more to existing ones. Visit GetSalesTalk, call or email me to learn more.

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