Successful Salespeople are Different

If you think it’s expensive to hire a successful sales person,
try hiring a mediocre one.

Successful Salesperson




Here are some ways successful salespeople are different from mediocre ones.





  • Successful salespeople ask questions.
    Mediocre salespeople make statements.
  • Successful salespeople are naturally curious and care about customers and prospects.
    Mediocre salespeople are myopic and self-centered.
  • Successful salespeople are persistent.
    Mediocre salespeople are easily discouraged.
  • Successful salespeople understand and fulfill needs.
    Mediocre salespeople assume what customers need.
  • Successful salespeople read, study and constantly learn about selling.
    Mediocre salespeople know it all.
  • Successful salespeople have a strategy.
    Mediocre salespeople wing it.
  • Successful salespeople have a system for tracking prospects like SalesTalk.
    Mediocre salespeople don’t.
  • Successful salespeople are open to feedback.
    Mediocre salespeople are defensive.
  • Successful salespeople are humble.
    Mediocre salespeople have big egos.
  • Successful salespeople have a strategy.
    Mediocre salespeople wing it.
  • Successful salespeople acknowledge and learn from mistakes.
    Mediocre salespeople blame others.
  • Successful salespeople apologize when they are wrong.
    Mediocre salespeople are never wrong.
  • Successful salespeople find customers for the products and services their company currently has.
    Mediocre salespeople complain about what their company lacks.
  • Successful salespeople are seldom satisfied.
    Mediocre salespeople rest on their laurels.
  • Successful salespeople set proper priorities and invest their time wisely.
    Mediocre salespeople watch the clock.
  • Successful salespeople spend company money as if it were their own.
    Mediocre salespeople spend their company’s money in ways they wouldn’t spend their own.
  • Successful salespeople make their numbers and are consistently over quota.
    Mediocre salespeople blame market conditions or the economy for coming up short.
  • Successful salespeople actively listen.
    Mediocre salespeople are easily distracted.
  • Successful salespeople have an ownership mentality.
    Mediocre salespeople see selling as a job, not a career.
  • Successful salespeople enjoy what they do.
    Mediocre salespeople don’t.


We hope you enjoyed our list. Please let us know if you think of one we missed. We’d love to hear from you.

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